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I'm not just a researcher. I'm a mom like you. In 2007, my twin sons were born still at 36 weeks. I went on to have two early miscarriages and two anxiety filled pregnancies, and came to realize there just wasn't a book out there written for us. Something with the best, most up-to-date medical advice on pregnancy, that was written for women who know all too well the reality that just because you're *expecting* a baby, doesn't mean you'll be going home with one.

Because my pay job is as a medical librarian and systematic review author, I'm comfortable reading medical, nursing and midwifery papers. I'd like to take the best available medical research and use that to help other women survive and thrive through the emotional challenges that these unique pregnancies bring.  This book is my sabbatical project. It has received ethics approval from Queen's University. Find out more about my academic writing here.


I'm also a blogger at Still Standing Magazine. You can read my blog posts here.


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